Display communication made easy!

Open Display is the best way to control your displays. If you have 1 or 1000 displays we make sure your message is received.

Add your display

Simply add you display, Android, Windows, Chrome OS

or even web-browser.

Create a playlist

Drag-and-drop you content into your playlist

and you are ready to schedule.

Schedule & Assign

Schedule and assign your playlist and

we take care of the rest!

Start your free trial.

We provide accounts with a 14-day free trial so users can test out the product before subscribing. 

Start my 14 day trial

Safe & secure running on the Google Cloud Platform.

Open Display is fully built on top of the Google Cloud Platform this brings all the benefits of the cloud to our users.

Cloud based

Fully cloud based solution accessible anytime and anywhere.


All data is encrypted and stored safely in multiple datacenters. Communication is encrypted end-to-end.


We scale. If you want to use one display or one million we are up to the task!


We built the user-interface for the every-day user. No IT background needed!